1. First gig: Brewery at age 15

  2. Favourite food: 🍣

  3. Caffeine of choice: (lots of) Coffee with oat milk + coconut sugar

  4. Pinterest obsession: Crocheted chickens

  5. Netflix binge: Gilmore Girls

Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller

“I want to connect with as many people as possible musically. That’s what’s important to me.”

One of Dani Black’s first memories shines a light on her inherent love for all things music.

“I remember coming home, and my dad would always be sitting at the piano playing Billy Joel or Elton John. I actually can’t remember a time before music.”

Starting piano lessons at the age of 3 and writing music since 11, the teen counts singing, songwriting, and storytelling among her many talents.

Oh, she also happens to play guitar, ukulele, and saxophone on the side.

Her biggest musical inspiration: Taylor Swift… and, well, life.

“I find inspiration for my lyrics in everything from the books that I read, to the TV shows I watch. I focus on drawing from emotions. Telling a story. Even if you can’t relate to a specific situation like a break-up or losing a loved one, we can all relate to the emotions within.”

A life-long resident of Coquitlam, BC, Canada, Dani has performed over 100+ hours in 2020 alone.

The fluently bilingual artist has built a reputation as the go-to entertainer in her area–gracing the stages of cafe’s, bars, restaurants, and concerts throughout Metro Vancouver; often wowing crowds with 60+ songs over four sets.

The youngest of 3, Dani’s days are jam-packed–between gigging, vocal, choir, guitar, piano, and drama lessons, connecting with friends and playing with the family’s beloved pup–a Westie named Gimli.

She used her talents for good during the COVID-19 lockdown, raising $17,500 for her local Food Bank through an online concert and Go Fund Me campaign aptly named Music for Meals.

Dani shot to TikTok notoriety in January 2021 with 1M+ views of her 20-second rendition of “Wellerman

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    Dani Black