Single now available

Dani Black’s newest single, “Mr. Movie Star,” was released on May 22nd. Stream it on iTunes or Spotify.

About Dani

“I want to connect with as many people as possible musically. That’s what’s important to me.”


A life-long resident of Coquitlam, BC, Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Black has been on stage for much of her young adulthood, accumulating over 400 hours of on-stage solo performance and writing over 200 songs in the past two years alone.


While her commitment to song writing consumes several hours a day, the bilingual artist has nonetheless built a reputation as a go-to entertainer in the region. Her performance venues have evolved from local businesses – cafés, bars, & restaurants – to commanding the stage of larger festivals and concerts throughout Metro Vancouver.  With a second concert confirmed in August 2023, Dani has sold out “Schmidthaus”, a popular concert series for emerging artists, for the second year in a row…this time in less than 50 minutes.


When a vocal injury in Fall 2022 left her unable to sing for six months, Dani dreamed up a New Years challenge for herself: to write 100 songs in only 90 days.  On March 28th (a mere 86 days after starting), the avid songwriter completed her 100th original song of the year. Her recent sharing of these 100 songs on Instagram and TikTok – one at a time! – has racked up tens of thousands of views in just a few weeks.


Dani’s journey with music has involved some wonderful grassroots moments.  She shot to TikTok notoriety in January 2021, with 1M+ views of her 20-second rendition of “Wellerman”.  During COVID, she used her talents for good, raising $17,500 for local Food Banks through an online concert during the lockdowns.  She then fulfilled every Canadian singer’s dream when she was asked to perform the national anthem at Rogers Arena for her Vancouver Canucks hockey team. A year later, a chance encounter when playing on the beach in Maui, Hawaii led to the young entertainer being invited to perform twice with Hawaiian music legend Wilmont Kahaialii and his band.


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